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Incoming Acura Vehicles

Friendly Acura has dozens of Acura models on-order, and you can reserve yours before it even leaves the factory!

Please note this list is updated weekly, and while we make every attempt to ensure its accuracy, please contact us to confirm availability of the vehicle you’re interested in.

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2022 RDX

A03-40249-00027RDXA-SpecApex Blue Pearl
A03-40252-00029RDXA-SpecMajestic Black Pearl
RDXA-SpecMajestic Black Pearl
A03-40249-00031RDXA-SpecPlatinum White Pearl
A03-40252-00032RDXA-SpecPlatinum White Pearl
A03-40252-00033RDXA-SpecLiquid Carbon Metallic
A03-40252-00034RDX4WDFathom Blue Pearl
S03-40253-00001RDXAdvPhantom Violet Pearl
S03-40253-00002RDXA-Spec AdvApex Blue Pearl
T03-40260-00001RDX -- SOLD --BaseLunar Silver Metallic
T03-40260-00002RDX -- SOLD --A-SpecMajestic Black Pearl
T03-40260-00003RDXBasePlatinum White Pearl

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2022 MDX

Order Reference #ModelTrimExterior Color
A01-40227-00022MDXAdvanceLiquid Carbon Metallic
A03-40249-00004MDXTechPlatinum White Pearl
A03-40249-00005MDXA-SpecMajestic Black Pearl
A03-40249-00006MDXA-SpecLiquid Carbon Metallic
A03-40249-00007MDXA-SpecPerformance Red Pearl
A03-40249-00008MDXTechMajestic Black Pearl
A03-40249-00009MDXTechMajestic Black Pearl
A03-40249-00010MDXTechLiquid Carbon Metallic
A03-40249-00011MDXTechLiquid Carbon Metallic
A03-40249-00013MDXTechPlatinum White Pearl
A03-40249-00014MDXTechPlatinum White Pearl
A03-40249-00015MDXTechPlatinum White Pearl
A03-40252-00005MDXAdvanceLiquid Carbon Metallic
A03-40252-00006MDXAdvancePlatinum White Pearl
A03-40252-00007MDXA-SpecLiquid Carbon Metallic
A03-40252-00008MDXA-SpecApex Blue Pearl
A03-40252-00009MDXA-SpecApex Blue Pearl
A03-40252-00010MDXA-SpecMajestic Black Pearl
A03-40252-00011MDXA-SpecMajestic Black Pearl
A03-40252-00012MDXA-SpecPlatinum White Pearl
A03-40252-00016MDXA-SpecPlatinum White Pearl
A03-40252-00017MDXA-SpecLiquid Carbon Metallic
A03-40252-00018MDXA-SpecPerformance Red Pearl
A03-40252-00021MDXType SPerformance Red Pearl
A03-40252-00022MDXType SPlatinum White Pearl
A03-40252-00038MDXAdvancePlatinum White Pearl
A03-40252-00039MDXA-SpecLiquid Carbon Metallic
A03-40252-00040MDXAdvanceLiquid Carbon Metallic
A04-40252-00014MDXType S AdvanceLiquid Carbon Metallic
A04-40252-00015MDXType S AdvancePlatinum White Pearl
S02-40238-00003MDXTYPE S AdvMajestic Black Pearl
S02-40238-00004MDXTYPE S AdvPlatinum White Pearl
S02-40238-00005MDXTYPE S AdvLiquid Carbon Metallic
S03-40247-00001MDXTYPE SMajestic Black Pearl
S03-40247-00002MDXTYPE SPlatinum White Pearl
S03-40247-00003MDXTYPE S AdvApex Blue Pearl
S03-40247-00004MDXTYPE S AdvPerformance Red Pearl
S03-40247-00005MDXTYPE S AdvPlatinum White Pearl
S03-40247-00006MDXTYPE S AdvPlatinum White Pearl
T03-40250-00001MDXTechLiquid Carbon Metallic
T03-40250-00002MDXTechFathom Blue Pearl

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2022 TLX

Order Reference #ModelTrimExternal Color
A01-40227-00001TLX -- SOLD --TYPE-SApex Blue Pearl
A01-40227-00002TLX -- SOLD --TYPE-SPlatinum White Pearl
A10-40220-00007TLX -- SOLD --TYPE-SPlatinum White Pearl
A11-40220-00004TLXAWD A-SpecPlatinum White Pearl
A11-40225-00006TLXAWD A-SpecPlatinum White Pearl
A11-40225-00007TLXAWD A-SpecPlatinum White Pearl
S12-40244-00001TLXAWD A-SpecPlatinum White Pearl
S12-40244-00004TLXAWD A-SpecModern Steel Metallic
T10-40240-00002TLXTYPE-SPerformance Red Pearl
T10-40241-00001TLXTYPE-SMajestic Black Pearl
A04-40252-00013TLXA-SpecMajestic Black Pearl
A04-40252-00019TLXAWD A-SpecModern Steel Metallic
A04-40252-00020TLXTechPlatinum White Pearl
A04-40252-00023TLXTechMajestic Black Pearl
A04-40252-00024TLXTechPlatinum White Pearl
A04-40252-00025TLXAWD A-SpecPlatinum White Pearl
A04-40252-00026TLXAWD A-SpecPlatinum White Pearl
A04-40252-00027TLXAWD A-SpecMajestic Black Pearl
A04-40252-00037TLXA-SpecPlatinum White Pearl

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2022 ILX

Order Reference #ModelTrimExternal Color
A03-40249-00023ILXPremium A-SpecPlatinum White Pearl
A03-40249-00024ILXPremium A-SpecPlatinum White Pearl

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