Friendly @ Home

It's Time to Buy Cars the Friendly Way.

Introducing Friendly@Home, aimed at simplifying your car-buying and ownership experience

Friendly@Home will allow you to complete most, if not all, of the car-buying process online and/or by phone. Here are the 4 basic steps to purchase or lease a new or used vehicle:

STEP 1 Choose Your Vehicle Online

Pick the Right One For You

You can browse our terrific selection of new and pre-owned vehicles at home -- or any time you like -- 24/7! If you have any specific questions you can submit an inquiry through our website or give us a call, and one of our dedicated "Friendly@Home" Team Members will be able to assist you. If you've already chosen your new vehicle, you're on your way to the finish line!

STEP 2 Call or Email for Your Price or Payment

It's All About the Experience

Once you've landed on the vehicle you want, it's time to call or email us so we can help make sense of the monthly car payment math. We'll work with you to arrive at a payment you're comfortable with. Desired term length and down payment, taxes and fees, applicable special offers, and the value of a trade-in are all factored in. If you submitted an inquiry when you decided on your vehicle, we'll be in touch with you to get this process started. If not, click below and let us know your preferred method of contact.

STEP 3 Apply For Credit

Save Time by Skipping Paperwork

After finding the right car and landing on a payment that fits your budget, the next step of the purchase process is applying for credit approval. Historically, this step has required completing paperwork in the dealership. With Friendly@Home, you can apply for credit online without having to leave your home. Simple, secure, and convenient.

STEP 4 Schedule Your Delivery

Finalize Your Deal In-Person
We can deliver your vehicle right to your home, office, or other designated pick-up location on a day and time that works best for you. Before finalizing all the paperwork, we'll walk you though all of your vehicle's safety, convenience, and technology features. We also answer any other questions you may have.